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My Name is Canny and I'm a dog. This may sound strange but I'm here to tell you about Cats --- Manx Cats. Believe you me, I know all about them 'cos I've lived with them all my life.

As Cats go, I suppose that Manx are are a bit like me.
They play with balls, chase me, clean me and they pinch my dinner. My Dad makes sure all the cats are FIP and FIV tested and even went to the Isle of Man to get some more genes --whatever they are.

All I want is some peace and quiet. "Bugsy" just loves to make a big fuss of me - But, to be honest, I'm just not that bothered!

Jex - He's the same, and he enjoys pulling at my chin hairs whilst I'm lying down in front of the telly.
These crazy Manx boys, just don't care.

Jeez, what does an old dog have to do for a quiet life?

The girls - Dolly and Pouzsie, are cool cats. They really let you know when they're around! They coo and make eyes at you and also they enjoy their bellies rubbed! At least they don't pull me around.

There's more kittens arriving soon- Someone help an old dog!

Calling all dog lovers! The one's not considered to be a cat lover - shouldn't you be paying attention?

Awaken the cat enthusiast inside - discover 'Manx'

Manx Cats - A Different, yet Delightful Discovery from the world of the Cat.





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